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"Buy the book and a new highlighter"
Common sense seems to be at an all-time low in business and government. Mr. Johnson's book is a refreshing reminder that successful business practices are easy to understand. But don't be fooled by the unadorned language and overall brevity. You will need to read this one a few times with a highlighter. Diamonds are small but very valuable and there are many in this book.

Thomas E. Rushton, Amazon user

The 5 Reasons Why Cricket Is

More American Than Baseball

Michael F. Johnson
Professional Speaker

"Learn and laugh, great introduction to cricket"
What a great read. I learned about Cricket, but what was more amazing was the comparison to baseball and American ideals. Eye-opening, fun, and thought-provoking. After reading it, you will want to check out Cricket and also look at baseball in a whole new way!

Kathleen Sharo, Amazon user

"This is all you need to know"
I picked this up at a conference. Small book, big title. This is a "point blank" book that drives home the fundamentals of organizational and individual behavior for success in business. Fifty years after the MBA was invented, throw out that degree, read this, and follow it. I will give this to my son and save $200k. You'll find it very funny. But also direct, straight forward and spot on. Wish I'd had this a long time ago.               Dr.SRW, Amazon user

"Wonderful Logic!"
I confess....I am a cricketer by birth, but I love watching baseball. And yet even with a level of knowledge that relates to both games, this book caught me totally off-guard. Wonderfully written, Johnson presents a rather compelling argument in a very easy-to-read style. Blended with humour, the facts and statistics seem to lead the reader to the conclusion suggested by the title. This is a 5-star book, regardless of which side of the picket fence, or bleachers, your loyalties are to be found.

Owen Zupp, Amazon user

Kill The First Tiger

A Common Sense Business Book

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2 Innings Should Take 5 Days

A beginner's guide to Cricket

​Dying to be Alive
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